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Solidarity Fund PL in Moldova

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Solidarity Fund PL in Moldova is a branch of Solidarity Fund PL – a Polish state foundation, reestablished in 2011 by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland.

The organization has started its activity in Republic of Moldova back in 2012, based on the Memorandum of Understanding, signed between Republic of Poland and Republic of Moldova. Our activity is synergy creation oriented, to support community development and functioning upon the principles of solidarity and subsidiarity.

We create durable local partnerships and develop systemic solutions with both rural and urban communities of Moldova. We support the processes of local development, by applying international instruments, sharing the acquired experiences and promoting the good practices.

We aim to support

development and functioning upon the principles of solidarity, subsidiarity and synergy:

Rural Development

We encourage local projects and initiatives that value the potential and improves the image of the rural area of the Republic of Moldova.

Thanks to the LEADER approach, we step in the processes of local economy development, new jobs creation and areas rediscovery of the rural areas.

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Urban Development

We revitalize the cities through local partnerships, the citizens being in the centre of the process.

Based on the Urban Revitalization Programs, we concentrate our efforts in those areas of the city that are in a critique situation and need social, architectural and economic changes

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Confidence-Building Measures among communities on the both sides of Dniester river

Local development status at the basis of our actions, being an efficient instrument to consolidate the mutual trust among these communities.

In the framework of the “Access to success: partnership for self-sustainable community development” (A2S), we contribute to establish inter-sectorial and inter-municipal relationships through creating cooperation opportunities among communities from both…

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