We are looking for an international expert to support the consolidation of the Moldovan LAGs as development role models

20 November 2020
Visits: 1467

We are looking for an international expert to support the consolidation of Moldovan Local Action Groups as possible role-models for specific sectors / topics that might effectively contribute to rural development in the country.

The role of the expert is to provide good international practices – practical examples – in order to inspire the LAGs’ management in developing concept for the LAGs as role-models for rural development in the LAG territory.

During this mission the expert will provide the following: 

  • Conducting a research and assessment on identifying good practices of LAGs that implement innovative tools for local development in the LAG territory; 
  • Analysing the applicable practices for Moldovan LEADER environment; 
  • Providing at least 15 concrete examples of good practices that can be assumed by Moldovan LAGs (incl. implementation modality); 
  • Based on the research and assessment results, identify potential negative precedents of the implemented practices and provide a list of possible risks; 
  • Drafting and conducting a presentation which will compile the collected data; 
  • Providing one workshop for the LAGs and two working meetings with the Fund Team in order to create an environment that fosters innovative thinking for the LAG managers; 
  • Elaborating a brief activity report by the end of the mission; 
  • Ensuring the high quality of the provided services which will impact not only the current project but also the future multiplication of role models. 

You will find more details regarding the activity of the expert, the required qualifications and competencies, in Terms of References.

Application shall be sent by e-mail to hr@solidarityfund.md with the subject line – Role-models expert,  no later than 1 December, 12:00 (EST time), 2020 and shall contain:   

  • CV in English, Romanian or Russian;  
  • Brief experience description and brief introduction to the vision of the task/service  
  • Price offer.  

In case of questions please contact our representative at the following email cristina.gonta@solidarityfund.md 

* The personal data will be processed by Solidarity Fund PL for the employment purposes only. The data will not be sent to third parties without the preliminary agreement of the persons that entrusted us with their data. 


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