We’re looking for an Environmental Expert — „USAID LEADER Activity” project

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8 noiembrie 2019
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Solidarity Fund PL in Moldova is a branch of Solidarity Fund PL – a Polish state foundation. We create durable local partnerships and develop systemic solutions with both rural and urban communities of Moldova. We support the processes of local development, by applying international instruments, sharing the acquired experiences and promoting good practice


Job title: Environmental Expert   

Reference to the project: USAID LEADER Activity    

Contract type: Service contract, with possibility to transfer to individual labor contract   

Expected Duration of Assignment: November 2019 – April 2020   


USAID LEADER Activity Project is a two-year initiative aiming to provide Moldovan communities with a comprehensive assistance for local development, following the EU LEADER/Community-led Local Development (CLLD) approach. The main goal of the project is to involve all community actors (representatives of the public, private and civic sectors) and address holistically local development challenges by creating local inter-sectorial partnerships (Local Action Groups - LAGs) and designing local development strategic action plans.    

The project is co-funded by the US Agency for International Development and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland and is implemented by Solidarity Fund PL in Moldova.    

The project consists of two phases:   

  • Phase 1 – creation and formalization of Local Action Groups (members are representatives of the public, private and civic sectors from the local level).   
  • Phase 2 – grant-scheme co-financing local business development and locally driven rural development interventions to reinvent rural areas and to contribute to sustainable and inclusive local growth.   

40 projects within 7 LAGs, sustaining economic local development, will be implemented during the second phase of the project (August – December 2019), 38 of each are already being assessed in terms of potential impact on environment.   

All the project activities will be implemented in the frame of the formed Local Action Groups, that are the owners of the entire process at the local level. Solidarity Fund PL is responsible for technical assistance as well as ensuring proper implementation, including compliance of the projects with environmentally friendly practices.    

According to the methodology the LAGs get funds up to 20.000 USD for its’ activities, supporting the implementation of 8-10 micro-projects at the local level. Thus, the budget of co-financing offered by LAG to the project implementers is approx. 1.000 – 4.000 USD.   


The purpose of the consultancy is to:   

  • Review and assess two additional local development sub-projects that are part of the project grant-scheme, conduct additional data collection when needed to identify the possible environmental impact and fulfill the Environmental Review Checklists for each hard-component within the sub-projects;  
  • Based on the research and assessment results, identify potential negative effects of the proposed interventions and propose solutions to avoid or minimize the identified risks;  
  • Elaborate a document for each of the 7 LAGs with clear recommendations/ instructions for ensuring environmental sustainability in all the activities within 40 proposed sub-projects (to be used by the projects coordinators and beneficiaries);   
  • Provide trainings for beneficiaries and LAG managers on good environmental practices and specific recommendations for each sub-project;  
  • Monitoring and post-implementation evaluation of the 40 sub-projects in terms of compliance with the issued recommendations and instructions;  
  • Applying and respecting the environmental rules, based on the USAID general framework;    
  • Elaboration of activities reports. 

The environmental expert should have education and knowledge in environmental engineering/science/law. Experience in implementing or assisting community development projects will be a strong advantage.    

  • Education: University Degree in environment, engineering, and/or other relevant area;   
  • Extensive experience in monitoring/examining/supporting small-scale infrastructure from the environmental point of view;   
  • In depth knowledge of national legislation pertaining to the environmental standards;   
  • Language skills: excellent command of written and spoken Romanian and English;   
  • Computer proficiency, including knowledge of MS Office products;  
  • High level of responsibility and organization capacities;  
  • Excellent communication and reporting skills;  
  • Ability to meet deadlines and prioritize multiple tasks;  
  • Capacity to communicate efficiently with different stakeholders (civil society, government authorities, local communities, project staff);  
  • Experience within community development programs would be an advantage;  
  • Experience in working with USAID projects would be a strong advantage.   

The expected deliverables in the given period are:    

  • 2 Environmental Review Checklists elaborated   
  • 7 instructions per 7 LAGs elaborated   
  • At least 7 trainings on good environmental practices provided in LAGs  
  • Monitoring and evaluation of 40 implemented sub-projects   

The timeframe for the delivery of each activity/output shall be coordinated and agreed in advance with the Project coordinator from Solidarity Fund PL in Moldova, and other implementation partners.    

  • An excellent opportunity to get involved in small-scale development projects and to directly influence ongoing local processes  
  • You will understand the concept and principles of the rural development LEADER approach, a widely used methodology in the European Union, gaining an increasing popularity in Moldova  
  • You will meet and communicate with people from different regions in the center and north of the country (public, civic and business sectors)  
  • You will be a part of a young, energetic team of enthusiastic people  
  • You will have the possibility to work on other community/ local development projects implemented by Solidarity Fund PL in Moldova in the future  

The environmental expert will work under the supervision of the Project coordinator from Solidarity Fund PL in Moldova and will work in close cooperation with LAG managers and implementation partners.   


Application shall be sent by e-mail to hr@solidarityfund.md with the subject line – Environmental expert USAID LEADER Activity, no later than 23:59, November 15, 2019 and shall contain:   

  • CV in English  
  • A short motivation letter   
  • Price offer  


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