Extended | Institutional assessment of the National LEADER Network of the Republic of Moldova and Local Action Groups

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Publication date: 6.11.2023

Solidarity Fund PL in Moldova (SFPL in MD) is actively involved and provides systemic support on rural development in the Republic of Moldova through the LEADER approach, which has become one of the strategic directions of activity of the organization.

Solidarity Fund PL in Moldova, invites you to make an offer for providing the service described below.


European Union and Poland within the framework of the EU4Moldova Programme: Local Communities, supports through SFPL in MD the strengthening of LEADER as a national level development mechanism that can generate inclusive growth for rural communities. LEADER in the Republic of Moldova is currently at the “rooting” stage, the final stage where full responsibility for the LEADER approach lies with key national and local actors, namely the Moldovan Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry (MAFI), the Agency for Intervention and Payments in Moldova (AIPA), the National LEADER Network (NLN) and the Local Action Groups (LAGs). This is a crucial moment to ensure that the LEADER ecosystem is effectively and independently managed by these actors whose role is to guarantee the long-term sustainability of LEADER. Clearly defined roles within the ecosystem, ensuring the necessary capacities and resources are essential conditions for effective LEADER management by the stakeholders.

In this context, as part of the Programme, SFPL in MD will carry out a comprehensive study to assess the institutional and managerial capacities of the NLN and about 20 LAGs. The results of this study will serve as a basis for the elaboration of development plans for NLN and LAGs, the definition of training programmes, as well as the definition of systemic mechanisms for self-assessment and continuous development of NLN and LAGs.

These activities will contribute to achieving the programme’s objective of ensuring increased operational and implementation capacities of LAGs and strengthening the NLN as a guarantor of the LEADER development process.

Description of the purchase:
Elaboration of institutional assessment of NLN and LAGs to gain an overview of their institutional performance by identifying and analysing strengths, including vulnerabilities/critical elements in the way they operate.

Deadline for submission of files: 11 December 2023, 10:00

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The file should be sent to the following e-mail address: procurements@solidarityfund.md, with a note/title “Tender for assessment services – NLN, LAGs”.

NB! Questions concerning the procurement can be sent to the following e-mail address: procurements@solidarityfund.md no later than 3 days before the deadline for submission of the file.