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Solidarity Fund PL in Moldova

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Solidarity Fund PL in Moldova is a representative office of Solidarity Fund PL — a State Treasury foundation, supervised and co-financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland, established to contribute to Polish cooperation for development.

Solidarity Fund PL in Moldova (SFPL in MD) is a representative office of Solidarity Fund PL — a State Treasury foundation, supervised and co-financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland, established to mobilize Polish cooperation for development. SFPL in MD is active since 2013 and is formed of a team of more than 50 people working to implement systemic solutions to boost local development in the country, with its mission to create a shared environment of safety, freedom, and prosperity for Moldovan people. Since February 2023, the organization has joined the group of EU pillar-assessed entities and can be entrusted with budget implementation tasks under indirect management.

SFPL in MD aims to strengthen Moldova as a country that creates conditions for local development, which translates into better quality of life for residents and strengthens the co-responsibility of citizens and institutions in the process of country modernization, which is co-extensive to the integration in the EU. In this context, SFPL in MD works extensively with diverse local, national, and international partners to:

  • strengthen rural communities and build the competencies of public institutions in managing the development of rural areas
  • empower urban communities and strengthen public capacities in urban governance
  • build an environment conducive to the functioning and development of volunteer fire brigades as an integral element of the civil protection system
  • strengthen the competencies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and its subordinate services in selected areas in accordance with EU standards, which translates into increased security for Moldovan residents

Main areas of SFPL in MD intervention:

  • rural development, including LEADER/CLLD, civic engagement, innovation, and support for rural MSMEs and rural tourism
  • urban development, including urban revitalization, civic participation and cohesion funds
  • civil protection, including implementing volunteer firefighters especially in rural areas
  • support for internal security, including sharing experience and bringing services closer to the EU standards
  • support for local media
  • support for MSMEs

Our vision

A shared environment of safety, freedom and prosperity for Moldovan people.

Our mission

To bring a new approach of cooperation for development that reinforces the capital of social trust and serves local communities.

Our values

SOLIDARITY – as a team and organization, we stand in solidarity with the people of Moldova. We share common values that unite us and transcend geographical, economic, and social boundaries. We feel co-responsible for jointly undertaken activities, stemming from our determination to help each other and act in a spirit of unity and understanding. We view solidarity as an investment that underpins development cooperation. By investing in our partners, we invest in a common environment of safety, freedom, and prosperity for communities. We strive to act promptly, consciously, and responsibly, thereby building trust within the communities and contributing to development in a participatory and effective manner. We implement activities systematically and generate solutions that align with the current context and work for the well-being of local communities.

RESPONSIBILITY – we share our experience without imposing solutions. Together with our partners, we diagnose problems and seek the best scenarios. We thoroughly and conscientiously assess local conditions and communicate openly and transparently about the prospects of project implementation. We are fully committed to what we do and take responsibility for joint actions, as we care about the results of our efforts. We provide our partners with knowledge, experience, and tools necessary for them to independently develop similar initiatives in the future and work efficiently.

RESPECT – we respect the laws, state institutions, traditions, social values, ethical norms, and conduct standards in our collaboration with partners. Our guiding principle is to contribute to creating a common environment of safety, freedom, and prosperity. We are aware of cultural diversity and approach it with respect, believing that this behavior fosters cohesion and social trust within communities.

EMPATHY – we recognize the complexity of historical circumstances, cultural traditions, and existing issues. We are receptive to our partners’ experiences and local affinities, using this knowledge to plan initiatives that bring about positive changes in the reality we live in. We opt for a step-by-step approach, understanding that every change requires time. We stand with people and act for people. We avoid applying a one-size-fits-all solution to all processes, adapting our activities to local conditions and the needs of our partners.

Approach towards cooperation for development

Solidarity Fund in MD treats cooperation for development as an investment in a shared environment of safety, freedom and prosperity for the Moldovan people.

The feeling of safety alongside the freedom of thought and action are the main prerequisites for the development of any prosperous country. Therefore, the prosperity of the Moldovan society becomes possible only in a common safe environment that must be ensured inclusively at the regional level. In the context of the emerging global crises, the fragility of these fundamental principles is directly interlinked with the country’s ability to progress and pave its way towards a better future. Granting the EU candidate status to the Republic of Moldova represents an opportunity to strengthen the all-important values of safety and freedom conferred by the environment of solidarity, in which democracy and the economic development of the country are being consolidated.

Our activities are oriented towards a new perspective of cooperation for development, wherein Moldovan people have the courage and determination to evolve into resilient communities, and experience agency. Our approach is strongly rooted in working hand in hand with local actors to adapt development tools to the real needs of people and to strengthen the capital of social trust for the common good of local communities. Through dialogue and cooperation with partners at the local, regional, and central levels, we support the conceptualization and implementation of public policies, harnessing the potential of the Moldovan society.

Together with people from the villages and towns of Moldova, we carry out programs and projects that stimulate development processes and improve the quality of life of citizens. Thus, our joint efforts become systemic, and the outcome of our activities have a long-lasting impact on the entire community.

Our partners

Strategic partners: Government of Republic of Moldova, Polish aid

Development partners: EU, USAID

Implementing agencies we partner with: ADA, EstDev, GIZ, SlovakAid

Local partners:

The organization’s activity report can be viewed and downloaded here:

Activity Report 2022. Financial Report 2022.

Activity Report 2021 and Financial Report 2021 – not available.

Activity Report 2020. Financial Report 2020.

Activity Report 2019. Financial Report 2019.


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