Grant activities and funding provided

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Basic principles
of awarding grants

Transparency of proceedings

The grant procedure contains clear principles; we provide means to verify the correct application of these principles and establish in advance the criteria under which we take steps as part of procedures

Equal treatment

All entities participating in the grant-awarding procedure, that is, we do not discriminate against individual applicants on the basis of their legal status or ownership structure; we apply the same application evaluation criteria, deadlines, mode of explanation, and appeal measures to all entities


Conditions for financing projects and the types of expenses that may be incurred during their implementation known in advance

Avoidance of double funding

The same costs must not be funded twice from any budget

Avoiding conflicts of interest

Situations in which business, financial, family, political, or personal interests may adversely affect the impartiality and independence of those involved in the grant-awarding procedure

Who may receive
a grant

  • civil society organisations and NGOs
  • media organisations
  • non-profit organisations
  • public entities, especially local public authorities
  • grassroots local initiatives/entrepreneurs/startups in special situations, justified by the political situation or sensitivity of the project, unregistered entities and individuals

Who may not
receive a grant

  • political parties,
  • private sector profit-focused entities with the exception of media organisations and entrepreneurs/startups working in the area of development or relevant at the local level

The grants implemented by our institution are intended for beneficiaries from the Republic of Moldova. For this reason, grant-related documentation is primarily published in the Romanian language.

To view information about grant announcements and their outcomes, please access the Romanian version of the Grants page.

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