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Online Seminar: Sharing Economy pilot actions


25 July 2023
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Today took place in online format the seminar on Sharing Economy pilot actions, attended by approx. 60 persons: representatives of local public authorities and institutions, and MSMEs, and experts from Poland, Ukraine, Republic of Moldova, Slovakia and Hungary; International Visegrad Fund representative.

The seminar aimed at concluding the Public4SMEs+ project activities, with a focus on sharing outcomes and the main conclusions, being also a networking event and creating a regional communication platform regarding the Sharing Economy philosophy. Sharing means place and time where were exchanged results of Pilot Action between cities and partners, experts and other guests.  

Public4SMEs+ project is co-financed by the Governments of Czechia, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia through Visegrad Grants from International Visegrad Fund

The Pilot Action represented the logical continuation of the project’s outcomes in the Ist phase mainly the developed Sharing Box (Quick Tool) that cities had the opportunity to test at the local and to adapt the recommendations to their specific context. Within the implemented exercise, the cities analysed the local public resources shareable with the private sector, developed the SWOT analyses in the context of the Sharing Economy situation in their cities and drafted an action plan with next steps to implementing the identified ideas. The list of resources and recommendations generated by the Quick Look, as well as the Sharing Economy ideas, were consulted by each city with the local public authorities and the mSMEs from the urban area. All the achieved results were discussed today at the online seminar, by the following cities: Piaseczno & Marki – from Poland; Kalush & Sambir from Urkaine; Cimislia & Orhei from the Republic of Moldova. The cities presented the process and results of the pilot actions, and the expected impact at the local level. 

The event resulted with a set of recommendations based on the Pilot Actions and project products. Also, the event created the occasion to sump-up the project activities and to assess the achievements, to analyze the challenges that were overwhelmed by the consortium and to discuss new possibilities on Sharing Economy idea.  

We are convinced that the Pilot Action of the Public4SMEs+ project was a great opportunity for urban stakeholders to discover the Sharing Economy possibilities and added value that it could bring at the local level in the crisis situations as well as in the recovery period. 

The main organiser of the event was Solidarity Fund PL in Moldova.


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