Extended term: Selection of a service provider to conduct the Functional Analysis of the Organization

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Publication date: 29.09.2023

Solidarity Fund PL in Moldova is a branch of the Solidarity Fund PL, a Polish state-treasury foundation, supervised and co-financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland,  and acting  as Poland’s development co-operation agency. 

In 2023, Solidarity Fund PL successfully completed the EU “Pillar Assessment” certification process, joining the group of entities with enhanced capacity to access European funds. More information about Solidarity Fund PL’s activities in Moldova can be found here

In recent years, the organization has undergone rapid growth in Moldova’s international cooperation sector and currently employs 50 staff. Consequently,  its structures and processes require review to identify potential adjustments that may need to be done to further  optimize efficient and effective utilization of its resources without detriment to quality of services. 

Purpose of services: 

To conduct a detailed functional analysis of the Solidarity Fund PL in Moldova to gain a clear understanding of how it operates and to identify potential improvements in its  structures and processes. 

The planned analysis will include, but will not be limited to: 

  • Analysis of the organizational structure, hierarchy and accountability lines across the organisation; 
  • Identifications and analysis of  business processes in the organisation and how they should be reflected in the organisation’s structure; 
  • Formulating recommendations for streamlining the organization’s business processes and structures, including identified risks and vulnerabilities. 

Eligible applicants:

  • Individual (resident of the Republic of Moldova/European Union) or consortium of legal entities/individuals (it is encouraged that group members to be both specialists from the Republic of Moldova and from European Union), or legal entity registered in the Republic of Moldova and/or European Union).  
  • Vast experience and expertise in the field of human resources management and organizational management. 
  • Experience in similar assignments. 

Contract duration: approx. October – December 2023 

For more details about the application procedure and the evaluation criteria, access the Terms of Reference.

The application must be submitted by October 9, 2023 at procurements@solidarityfund.md, with the title of the message: Functional Analysis – information request.

* The applicant has the right to establish independently the confidentiality limits of the provided data and to mention which of the attached documents to the offer are confidential.  

** Personal data will be processed by Solidarity Fund PL in Moldova exclusively for the purpose of carrying out the procurement process, in accordance with the provisions of the legislation in force. Individuals have the right to portability of the provided data and rectification. Personal data will not be transmitted to other third parties without the prior consent of the applicant. If you have any questions about your personal data, you can contact us at info@solidarityfund.md 

*** For the transparency purpose of the procurement process, the results of the auction with information on the selected provider will be published on the Solidarity Fund PL in Moldova website. Participation in the auction by sending documents signifies acceptance of the publication of the results of the contest, except for information marked as confidential.  

**** Until signing the Service providing Agreement, the selected Service Provider shall sign a declaration of conformity.