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30 December 2019
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Here’s another story about people and partnerships — a story, that inspires and contributes to the improvement of the local areas from different perspectives. This time, we will talk about Aliona Visnevscaia, the coordinator from the left bank of the “Youth Constellation” project, that is implemented by the Sanatauca-Chitcani partnership.

The ‘Youth Constellation’ project aims at a stronger cooperation among young people from both sides of the Dniester river, as well as at improving the local infrastructure – in our case, of a cultural space”, Aliona tells us. Her team’s partners are from the village of Sanatauca and they have arranged a park area near the Dniester river, where, according to the project, there was organized a common activity with the participation of both partners – four camping days in this beautiful area.

We’ve had a wonderful collaboration – the young ones definitely befriended each other”, Aliona states. According to her, there were planned a few activities within the project. “We write, we call and we always ask for each other’s pieces of advice. We also plan to organise a couple of cinema sessions in the park of the Chitcani’s House of Culture”, she adds.

If we talk about the acquired experience within the project, Aliona mentions that everything was exceptional. “I’ve got the chance to be, for the first time, the main coordinator. Usually, the positions I hold are the ones of support or assistance, but now, I’ve got the opportunity to grow, to work on my abilities. The project also was the necessary impulse to create a non-commercial organisation”, Aliona tells.

The locals are very happy about a project like that. “Some people did not support us from the very beginning, but we always had enthusiasts that are not indifferent to what is happening in the village, especially in the context of the nowadays population migration. The village has those people that want to make a change in it”, Aliona mentions, adding that these people were ready to share some of the goods they have around the house in order to improve the park, they joined the team’s cleaning initiatives. “Access to Success brought me closer to people, as I had the chance to be guided by experts in the area, from whom you take the experience and listen to each of their advice. I got to know so many other interesting people from the organisations involved in the partnerships. Today, we are a big family.

Aliona adds that the partnership she’s in plans to apply for other projects, maybe even create a four-member project for the development of the rural tourism. “I advise everyone not to lose hope, to let fears go and move forward”, she finishes.


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