“Synergy for Urban Development” Conference: The lessons & results learned from the Urban Revitalization in the past three years

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6 December 2019
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December 5 marked the end of a new chapter in the Urban Revitalization through the “Synergy for Urban Development” Conference. This event gathered the representatives of the 16 cities involved in the process, the Polish partners, the national and regional partners and development partners, in order to discuss the lessons learned in the past three years of a project, implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment of the Republic of Moldova and the Ministry of Development Funds and Regional Policy of the Republic of Poland.

The presentations and panel discussions analysed the created initiatives in the involved cities, their impact on the local communities, future plans in the development of the urban areas and the local and regional cooperation.

“We talk about joint efforts, undertaken by people from various domains – administration, civil society, business area. We have to discuss and to identify our needs and to try to achieve the common goals that we’ve together established. We talk about common work”, mentioned in his discourse his Excellency, the Ambassador of the Republic of Poland in the Republic Moldova, Bartłomiej Zdaniuk. “We have to work together to elaborate a vision of our cities and what we can do to achieve it”, he added, mentioning that the process taught the implementation team and the involved actors many things – that it is possible to do great things out of small resources, that we have to work to our limits and that we have to go further and think about a central and regional vision.

Tomasz Horbowski, the director of Solidarity Fund PL in Moldova, mentioned about the importance of the notion “common good” in the process of revitalization. “We are convinced that the development process is a continuous one – we have to always reflect on the undertaken work and to think the next steps. We are very happy for this common experience”, he mentioned, thanking the partners from MARDE and the Ministry of Poland, regional partners and cities involved in the process, but also to the working team. “We’re always open for an experience exchange and the creation of the synergy”, he added.

The cities that have participated in the process analysed, during the event, the activities in the years of 2018 and 2019. The city and municipality representatives specified the importance of the involvement of local communities at every level of the urban revitalization process, illustrated the initiatives implemented at the level of the urban areas through pictures and videos.

The event was extremely active, inviting the guests to open discussions about the application of the Polish experience at the country level, the experience of the responsible persons of the urban revitalization in the cities of the Republic of Moldova, but also of the direct and indirect beneficiaries of the project, global trends and their applicability to the Republic of Moldova.

The article belongs to the series of implemented activities in the context of promotion of the Urban Revitalisation approach in Republic of Moldova with the support of the programme for development and cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland.


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