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Strengthening the mutual trust among communities and establishing cooperation relationships on both sides of the Dniester River is one of the development directions of our team.

Thus, we intend to enhance their mutual reliance by applying the means of Confidence-Building Measures — a locally-driven process that requires the involvement of many actors that have both motivation and possibility to bring positive change to their communities.

The CBM approach through the activity of Solidarity Fund PL team aims at encouraging the communities to explore their local capacities and to build a common long-term vision trough intersectorial and intermunicipal cooperation. We truly believe that common collaboration is made through joint actions that are properly implemented and targeted by the key stakeholders. This is how the “Access to success: partnerships for self-sustainable community development” project was created — it allows successful partnerships between both the right and the left banks to be accomplished.

Between 2017 and 2019, implementation years of A2S, there were established the principles of the local CBM process —  the innovative components that catalysed the identification and collaboration among municipalities, representatives of the civil and public sector and businesses, as well of the established partnerships from both banks of Dniester:

the principle of building communities from the “inside out” assures that the decision-making process is carried on by different key-actors through a “bottom-up” approach;

the principles of process ownership at the local level allows the representatives of the local communities to be directly involved in every taken action, from the establishment of the community initiative group to the implementation of the joint project;

the principle of equal responsibility among the project implementation partners ensures equal distribution of practical planned measures and funding between the partnering communities from both banks;

targeting CBM between the communities of Dniester banks in project initiation, which is a long-term process, that helps massively at coordinating the selection of goals and objectives in accordance with the commonly established development priorities;

strategic approach in developing partnerships aimed at long-term cooperation allows specific issues in a community to be solved within local and regional social-and-economic development strategies at the local authorities level;

the principle of intersectorial and intermunicipal cooperation institutionalization allows the harmonization between public, community and business interests through mechanisms created by the representatives of the mentioned sectors;

the principle of territory’s internal capacity capitalization through intersectorial cooperation aims at recognizing the social value of the unexplored local resources and mobilizing and engaging the community members;

the principle of equal participation of LGIC (1) and NGO (2)/NPP (3) promotes the equal participation of these initiative groups to the CBM process.

The identification of these principles helped us at building a well-structured work methodology for the entire CBM process, implemented by our organisation. Thus, it is easier to design and apply mechanisms that help at reaching the community potential and transition to a healthier, more active state-of-mind, as well as find the right actions that complement the development process and multilateral implementation measures  in order to maintain them. Since 2017, the Republic of has been supporting the intersectoral and intercommunity engagement within A2S, contributing to building trust and enriching the experience of the involved local actors.

The three years of activity were comprised into a thorough report, developed by national and international experts, and it is also a result of an exhaustive research on the locally implemented projects by the established partnerships.

In 2020, the Confidence-Building Measures process transitioned into A2S+, which allows the involved partnerships to benefit from a new series of collaboration opportunities. Some of the #A2S beneficiaries from the right bank of Dniester are also part of the LEADER approach and we are planning to involve more A2S local partners within the implementation process of the LEADER approach for rural development in their communities. We are convinced that local development could be a concrete instrument for a confidence building among communities from both banks.



Irina Arpentii

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