Grosu Family, Chiscareni village: “One’s soul gets happier when realizing that you can do something at home”

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17 March 2020
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Exploring the rural potential is one of the chosen development priorities of many Local Action Groups in the Republic of Moldova.

This is why, our team decided to tell you about a touristic initiative of the “Hora Ciulucului” LAG – “Casa din Vale”, that was co-financed within the “USAID LEADER project” to decorate and enhance the yard of their rural house with colorful yet necessary items, that will delight the souls of those that are in love with nature and good food.

“Back in 2018, we decided to open our family’s rural house”, Andrei Grosu tells us, the “Casa din Vale” owner. “Taking into consideration that we have many tourists, my wife and I had the idea to decorate the pension’s space with a garden house and a swing, so that both the adults and the children could spend their time in a nice, calm atmosphere.”

The rural house is in the heart of the Chiscareni village, Singerei district, and it can host up to four people – there are two rooms by two places. “When we opened it, we didn’t have many guests, but, slowly, the world started finding out about us. Now, we’re on Booking.com. We hope to have more tourists, especially since our country is among the off-the-beaten-path travel destinations in Europe”, Mr. Grosu said.

The Grosu family developed a business in their home country, as they know they can offer high-quality services in great conditions, promote the traditional dishes and local historical places that deserve to be visited. “We have the Casso hill with the boyar’s cave – he left so many old and beautiful things that have been recently renovated.”

“I told myself that I needed to come back home”, Mr. Grosu mentions while telling us about his working experience abroad. “I couldn’t see how my child is growing up or how my family is developing. And, you know, one’s soul gets happier when realizing that you can do something at home. Before the rural house, we were developing a beekeeping business. We then opened the house and I could stay closer to my family”, he adds.

“I think we all need a lot of courage to overcome our personal fears, and projects like these give an impulse to move further – the co-financing and the personal contribution is a perfect combination to create something beautiful in Moldova, so we could attract more and more international guests to visit our picturesque places and, with their support, to stay home.”


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