Galina Grumeza & Pavlina Petrasco: Pelinia and Butuceni villages talk on the renovation of the local infrastructure and the established friendship

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24 October 2019
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The partnership between Pelinia and Butuceni villages is one of those 15 established partnerships, involved in the Access to Success project, that benefited from a series of study sessions, activities and financial support in order to implement infrastructure interventions, that will improve the relations among the communities on the both sides of Dniester.

The Pelinia-Butuceni partners are implementing the “Awareness, involvement, development – Key factors for improving the quality of life in Pelinia – Butuceni communities” project.

I’ve said it many times – A2S is an exceptional project, as it emphasizes the relations among people”, Galina Grumeza mentions, the local coordinator from the right bank (the responsible organisation “Bastinasii din Pelinia”). “From the very beginning of the study sessions, we’ve had a stronger bond with the representatives of the Butuceni village – Ecaterina, Pavlina and their team. We’ve established a partnership at the second training”, Galina tells about her experience within the A2S activities.

Pavlina Petrasco, the representantive of the non-commercial partnership of economic, social and cultural development “Сукчес ал плаюлуй натал”, Butuceni village, left bank of Dniester, has emphasized that she partnered with a wonderful team. “I think the are very professional, as this team has a rich experience in project implementation. We communicate with Galina, Ludmila and Victoria, as we still need advice and mutual support. This ways, we understand the work principles of our team, so we don’t go against the regulations and other legal frameworks. We’ve been visiting each other at each local event”, Pavlina talks.

This partnership benefited from a support valued at EUR 24,929.00 from A2S. This budget was invested in the renovation of local infrastructure, as well as in the joint promotional events. “My expectations were met, as we now have a beautiful, modern festivity hall, where the young ones will have the possibility to organise various actions, a centre for them, maybe even film & conversation sessions. But, emotionally, we have got so much out of this project.

In Butuceni village, on the other hand, there was no space for the locals to carry on any activities, so the necessity to create one was visible. “We’ve been thinking a lot about that and then we decided that we needed a space to organize local events, sports competitions – a warm place, with a good roof and strong walls. We identified the House of Culture for this purpose – if we repaired it, we would install a heating system, we would have a place where we could regularly meet with the citizens, creation groups, rehearsals, trainings, and it would be especially useful during winter times”, Pavlina mentions when talking about their project idea.

In Pelinia village, the partnership catalysed the mobilisation of the community – all the local institutions, as the House of Culture, Arts School, kindergartens, Seniors’ assemble, economic agents, diaspora and other, – everyone supported the realisation of the project, gathering a much bigger sum as the project contribution. “All these people helped us moving forward”, Galina emphasized, adding that the change started with a new festivity hall and it will spread to other institutions and infrastructure. “This how we are trying every day to change Pelinia’s life for the better

Pavlina is thanking every person involved in this project. “I now know so many personalities with a warm souls. Our trainers impacted our abilities and our moral-spiritual state-of-mind. I have understood that all the efforts should be shown to everyone, as on the way, there will be people interested in our work and will want to be involved in our activities. It’s important to believe in your own forces, to work and to achieve the right goal”, Pavlina points out.

This series of articles is written in the framework of the Access to Success project, implemented by the consortium of organizations Solidarity Fund PL in Moldova, EcoContact, Ecospectr and Mostenitorii. The project Access to Success is financed by the European Union within the “Confidence-Building Measures” Programme and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland, the programme for development cooperation – Polish Aid.


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