Iulia Bernaz, Crasnogorca village: We must always be active – not just wait for opportunities

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12 July 2019
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Here’s another article about the partnership projects in the framework of the grant scheme of the “Access to Success” project. Since January 2nd 2019, these projects go through their implementation process. Today, we talk to Iulia Bernaz, the representative of the “Процветание” NGO from Crasnogorca village, Grigoriopol district.

“I’m Iulia. After graduating the University of Tiraspol, I decided to move back to Crasnogorca. Currently working as the main specialist in the village’s administration. Its leader told to take part in A2S project in order to improve the functioning conditions of the kindergarten”, Iulia said. During the registering process, the local initiative group, taking into consideration the villagers needs, planned to replace the kindergarten’s windows and to connect the House of Culture to a gas heating system.

Previously, Iulia was helping the kindergarten’s director to write a project proposal in order to get the funding. But as the latter had to leave the country for personal reasons, Iulia, together with her imitative group, continued to work for the project and its implementation.

“Some time ago, the kindergarten was functioning only seasonally, as it did not have any heating system. In 2014, its new director, Valentina Osinteva, started developing the institution. She has found specialists for every educational session for kids, professional talented teachers and, finally, she managed to connect the institution to a heating system. So, the kindergarten transformed into a little fairy tale – comfortably organized groups, separate playing spaces under the open sky, safe playground constructions for the kids. After these efforts, Mrs. Osinteva has come with the idea to change the windows and the doors in the institution”, Iulia tells us. That was the reason why the village’s team decided to apply for the project.

“The A2S projects supports us enormously – every training is an impulse to a new change. We study interesting methods to be applied among youth in order to organize different events.”

As we mentioned before, in January 2019, the implementation process of the partnership projects among communities from both sides of Dniester has started. Iulia advises all the beneficiaries to go forward. “We have to be active – not only wait for opportunities, but to start making positive changes”, points out Iulia.

This series of articles is written in the framework of the Access to Success project, implemented by the consortium of organizations Solidarity Fund PL in Moldova, EcoContact, Ecospectr and Mostenitorii. The project Access to Success is financed by the European Union within the “Confidence-Building Measures” Programme and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland, the programme for development cooperation – Polish Aid.


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