Petru Rusu, “Valea Cuboltei” LAG: People should enjoy clean water, and that’s what I work for

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27 November 2020
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The times are changing, the technologies are advancing and professions that were once essential, today are one the verge of disappearing. In Hasnasenii Mari village from Drochia district, the well sinker profession is still popular, and a great well sinker, such as Petru Rusu, is always requested to work on different local fountain projects, especially since he has modern equipment, that will ease his job.

Painter by profession, Petru Rusu has embraced the craft of well sinker more than 15 years ago and has managed to clean hundreds of wells. “I’ve worked in the theatre, at the House of Culture, and now, I am helping people to enjoy the clean water. After abundant rains, there’s a lot of silt gathering and then I have a lot of work to do. I like working and it doesn’t matter the place”, he says.

The season of cleaning the wells is usually opened at the beginning of the spring and ends late in the fall. The well sinker says that the new accessories are very useful, as they improve the quality of the carried on works and will allow Mr. Rusu to diversify the work services. “Thanks to the support of ‘Valea Cuboltei’ LAG, I refine my skills. Until now, I was working with my old utensils and I did not have the possibility to buy a video camera and a drill press”, Petru Rusu mentions.

The camera is descended in the well, and thanks to the computer work, the well sinker sees what is happening in this structure, if there’s any strange object. “In the past years, I was managing to clean up to ten wells per season, but this device might increase people’s interest, as I have all the necessary equipment for a high-quality operation”, Mr. Rusu points out.

The project “The Development of the wells’ structure cleaning business through the modernisation of the equipment”, implemented by Petru rusu from Hasnasenii Mari village, Drochia district, was implemented within the USAID LEADER Activity project, co-financed by the United States Agency for International Development – USAID, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland, cooperation programme for development – Polish aid, and implemented by Solidarity Fund PL in Moldova.


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