Ciuciuieni Mayoralty, “Hora Ciulucului” LAG: “There’s life and motion in villages”

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23 March 2020
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The inhabitants of the Ciuciuieni village, Singerei district, have a new reason to celebrate – there’s a new, modern recreational area for children and their parents, that want to rest in a peaceful and active atmosphere.

Determined to make the necessary changes in her village, Mrs. Mayor of Ciuciuieni and the president of the “Hora Ciulucului” LAG, Violeta Vitu, stated that every year, during the summer holidays, many people from all around the world, come back to the village. “We’ve noticed that especially children didn’t have any specific activities or games. There’s life and motion in the villages — this is a fortunate thing and gives me an impulse to continue my work. We decided to start with the park’s improvement, and then we will develop the touristic potential of the region.

In order to design the play area, we’ve acquired recreational equipment — a seesaw, a swing-set, a merry-go-round, a drawing board and a play set. We have carefully chosen the company that was going to deliver us the equipment, because we wanted to put the accent on the quality, eco-friendly materials and the type of wood used in the construction of the play-set, these being the decisive arguments”, Mrs. Vitu tells us.

Mrs. Mayor says that the works that follow will be about the pavement and the installation of a protection fence, the placement of waste bins and of the rest benches, so that the time the kids spend in the Ciuciuieni park is fun and secure.

According to Violeta Vitu, the play area will have an educational goal, because there will be organized many open-air event for the kindergarten and for the primary school. Another reason why she opted to improve the play area in Ciuciuieni is the psychoemotional development of the children. “There are children with different needs, some like football, checks, drawing, there are other shy kids, and those that integrate themselves easier easier in the activities.

The “Improvement of the play area in Ciuciuieni village” project, implemented by Ciuciuieni mayoralty, Singerei district, was implemented within the USAID LEADER Activity project, co-financed by the United States Agency for International Development – USAID, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland, cooperation programme for development – Polish aid, and implemented by Solidarity Fund PL in Moldova.


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