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9 July 2019
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A new day brings us again to Dolna village, as we visit the beehive workshop organized in the framework of a project, which is supposed to modernize these houses of bees. “My name is Vasile Porubin and I live here, in Dolna. I have more than 30 years of experience in the beekeeping domain”, tells us one of Sergiu Agafita’s project colleagues. Mr. Agafita is the leader of a small beekeepers community of five villages in the “Plaiul Codrilor” microregion.

“Sergiu, the owner of this workshop, has come with the idea of modernizing the main elements in local beekeeping. Thus, more beekeepers from different villages were invited to collaborate fruitfully”, says Vasile. The beekeepers come from Dolna, Stejareni, Micleuseni, contouring a great collective that puts a lot of effort in its work.

“There are good visible results. We used to work before with classical horizontal hives. But the partial financing from the project has supported a lot our mission to meet the requirements of European standards, and we’ve managed to build vertical hives with two splits”, tells us Vasile. Even if those are technical details, the effort put during these few weeks is seen in those 50 hives given to each beekeeper involved in the project.

The workshop is filled with a fresh woody scent and striking sounds of assembling instruments. “The beehives are already put into work – the locals have already seen the project in its process of implementation. And since there is winter, we have created a split in the hives and let the bees to accommodate themselves in this new place, as they will have to work a lot this next spring”, mentions Mr. Porubin.

According to the project, one of the main aims is to produce high quality honey in big batches. “Usually, we have acacia and linden honey, but with these modern beehives, we could produce pastoral, sunflower, lavender and rapeseed honey. Our region, unfortunately, does not have a huge area of such plants, but we will try to benefit from Kodry. Of course, we would like to promote our products on the international market”, says Vasile.

Mr. Agafita team advises the specialists and enthusiasts to prepare many more ambitious projects in order to develop such an useful economic branch, as beekeeping.


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