Tamara Conica: “The kindergarten is a safer space now – a wonderful feature for the institution’s activity”

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22 January 2020
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The rural development is an ongoing process, which is manifested through many results. One of them is the improvement of the conditions within early education institutions.

“The project started from a simple desire – the one to improve the playful environment of the village’s children”, Tamara Conica, the Cucuruzeni kindergarten’s teacher, tells us. “Parents, teachers, children – we all had this desire”, she adds.

This project was carried on within the “Bastina Gospodarului” LAG and the new space looks just amazing and, what is most important, safe for those 68 children, aged from three to seven years old that attend the institution. “We’ve gathered our team, prepared the project, the budget list and, supported by the local administration, we’ve implemented it. We are so happy. It is a space, where all of the celebrations, morning gymnastics, sports activities will take place – so it’s a wonderful feature for our institution’s activity” Mrs. Conica explains.

The institution plans to improve other aspects of the interior yard, as well. “This is a place for children’s development, so it needs to be in a better condition – we have to repair the fence, to find a storage space, to renovate the institution’s façade, to change the doors, so the space is warmer. We’re also thinking of a new sports area or a festivity hall”, Mrs. Conica adds. 

The teacher’s piece of advice for those who want to improve their rural communities is to participate in projects, such as “USAID LEADER Activities”. “Don’t be afraid, everything is real”, she emphasizes.

The “Paving a playground area”, implemented by the Cucuruzeni Kindergarten, Orhei district, was implemented within the USAID LEADER Activity project, co-finance by the United States Agency for International Development – USAID, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland, programme for development cooperation – Polish aid and implemented by Solidarity Fund PL in Moldova. 


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