A children’s playground, a start of investment in pre-school education

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15 July 2022
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Pre-school education develops children’s social, emotional and cognitive skills and helps them associate studies with a positive and interesting activity. In this context, play becomes one of the most important and recommended methods of educating children, contributing to their physical and social development and stimulating their creativity, team spirit and critical thinking. The playground in the kindergarten of Făleștii Noi commune, Fălești district, offers the local children a platform for networking and socialization, while developing their personality and motor skills.

The kindergarten of Făleștii Noi commune has undergone a few changes over the years. It all started in the 1980s, when the kindergarten was equipped only with a simple sandbox and a slide, while some swings and gazebos were added later. But now, thanks to funding under the LEADER-EU Rural Development Fund 2.0, the kindergarten’s playground has become much more attractive. The playground is equipped with new complexes (slides), tables, chairs and swings. Following the installation of the playground, the kindergartners enjoy outdoor activities, which help them to develop multilaterally. “Before using the playground complex, we made sure to teach the children certain rules: not to bully other children, to wait their turn, to help each other if they are afraid to climb. The interaction on the playground teaches them to be friendly, to play as a team, to support each other”, said Lidia Turturea, director of the kindergarten.

Better conditions for children’s development

Natalia Covalciuc, mother of a pre-school girl who attends the kindergarten, highly appreciates the new playground facilities, which she believes encourage children to be more agile. While the work on the playground was taking place, the child was looking forward to the end of spring break to play with her friends at the new playground: “She would come home excited, saying she would have new toys at the kindergarten, new slides. Now, children have more demands. A simple ball and a stool are not enough for them, they want something more attractive. The new swing slides have become a boundless joy for the children,” said Natalia.

“After the implementation of this project, parents sometimes couldn’t take their children home from the kindergarten because they wanted to stay longer to play”, added Vladimir Bejenar, mayor of Făleștii Noi commune, member of the Movila Măgura LAG for more than 5 years. At the beginning, Vladimir worked as a volunteer, being unaware that his involvement would bear such fruit. But now he prides himself on having the opportunity to attract new investment to support local development. The kindergarten received financial support of 76,000 lei to equip the playground under the LEADER-EU 2.0 Rural Development Fund, while the Mayor’s Office of Fălești commune provided co-funding of 33,000 lei.

“It all starts at the kindergarten. This is where the foundations of a healthy child are laid, both physically and spiritually. For this reason, we chose to implement this project and equipped the kindergarten with new playground complexes. It is important to apply for projects because we cannot do all with the local budget only. I am glad that from this year, LAGs can also be funded from the state budget. We have only to make an effort and come up with new project ideas.”

Investing in children – investing in the future

Ludmila Golovatic, Director of the Movila Măgura LAG, was keen to support the project: “We focus on children, on the future of children. If we provide an environment favorable for young people’s development, they will no longer feel the need to leave the locality, but they will stay to continue their parents’ businesses, they will invest in local development.” 

Fund is implemented within “The Moldova Rural LEADER Project” financed by the United States Agency for International Development – USAID, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland, cooperation program for development – Polish Aid. The Project is implemented by Solidarity Fund PL in Moldova, in partnership with the National LEADER Network (NLN) and in close cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry (MAFI)”.

For more information about “The Moldova Rural LEADER Project” click here.


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