The development and functioning of the partnerships, discussed at the “Confidence-building through Access to Success project”

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8 July 2019
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On May 22nd, the local partners within A2S, have gathered at the “Confidence-building through Access to Success project”.

The event created a new communication space with and among the A2S project partners and experts in the domain of inter-municipal and inter-sectorial cooperation on national and international levels. Together, the participants have analysed the community development experience within the project, the stages of development and of the established partnerships functioning process and have discussed to what extent the local development could become an efficient instrument to consolidate the mutual trust among communities from both sides of Dniester.

Th event’s guest was Fabien Schaeffer, project officer at EU Delegation in the Republic of Moldova. He has mentioned that the A2S project is important, as it unites people from both sides of Dniester and it helps them at improving the wellbeing of the communities they live in. Tomasz Horbowski, the director of Solidarity Fund PL in Moldova has emphasized that A2S is not just a simple project, but is more of a cooperation means, and the confidence is built every day among local partners and between them and the Consortium. “A2S is a school for us, a community we want to build and to strengthen”, Ivan Ignatiev mentioned, the A2S project coordinator from “EcoSpectr”. In this context, the activities within the round table were focused on the identification and creation of promotion opportunities regarding the cooperation among communities, institutions and organisations from both sides of Dniester.

During the event, the local partners have shared their experience and challenges regarding the partnership project implementation. Thus, they have encountered problems regarding the lack of experience in the domain of project implementation, the identification of sources for the personal contribution, the lack of spaces for the project activities, the distance among the partners, the regulations and document writing. Nevertheless, the partners have mentioned that the common efforts helped them to surpass them and find solutions for every encountered problem.

Additionally, the local partners stated their visions regarding the partnerships, their durability and proposed a few steps to be taken to consolidate and maintain them. For Ala Lopatina, Rascov village, the created partnership with the organisation from Climautii de Jos village, is about their desire to meet and collaborate, no matter the challenges. Rodica Rusu from Relita village has mentioned that within the A2S project, we don’t only speak of partnerships, but also of friendly communities. Valentina Ivanova from Butor village has mentioned that her partner became a close friend, with common and valuable visions: “Together, we’ve learned to listen and to advise each other and, of course, to learn from our experiences”

The discussion results from the round table will be found in a report elaborated by the experts in the domain of inter-municipal and inter-sectorial cooperation (national and international) within the A2S project, report that has the aim to present the experience acquired by the communities, their visions regarding the confidence-building measure through local development project and recommendations regarding this aspect.
  The event took place within the “Access to success: partnership for self-sustainable community development” project, implemented by a Consortium of organizations: Solidarity Fund PL in Moldova, in partnership with AO “Eco-Contact”, ОО “Ecospectr” and AO “Moștenitorii”” and with the financial support of the European Union within the “Confidence-Building Measures” Programme and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland, the programme for development cooperation – Polish aid.


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