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Data publicării: 7.08.2023

Solidarity Fund PL in Moldova (SFPL in MD) is a representative office of the Polish state treasury foundation (Solidarity Fund PL) established to contribute to development of the partnering countries. The Fund is guided by the Board chaired by the minister of foreign affairs responsible for cooperation for development. The Fund is an implementing partner of Polish cooperation for development program – Polish aid.  

For the last 10 years SFPL in MD cooperates with MIRD to contribute to development and efficient implementation of regional and urban policies, incl. urban revitalization, capacity building programmes, practical exercises and tailor-made projects of the central public authorities, regional institutions, and local authorities in the field of local development. In the new context of the Republic of Moldova’s pre-accession to the EU, specific expertise and capacities on planning, implementation, monitoring, evaluation, and reporting under shared management is scarce. For enabling the main stakeholders to assimilate and manage in a proper way the aspects of the EU regional policy a comprehensive plan to prepare the institutions responsible for regional and local development is needed. Development of the program was included as one of the actions in the annual action plan of MIRD for 2023.  

In this regard, SFPL in MD initiates a call for a service provider to develop the capacity building programme.  

The goal of developing capacity building programme for public institutions responsible for the regional and local development policy and its’ implementation is to ensure an efficient mid-term planning and designing the measures on increasing knowledge, strengthening capabilities of the relevant stakeholders in understanding the principles of the EU regional policy and cohesion funds management and its’ adaptation to the local context, in the sense of their qualitative preparation for the pre-accession phase (theoretical and conceptual elements, awareness and practical skills, behaviours and attitudes).  

Task: Develop a ready to be implemented capacity building programme for public institutions responsible for the regional and local development policy and its’ implementation. 

Target group: 

The programme is addressed mainly to the employees of the public administration institutions responsible for the regional and local development policy and its’ implementation, incl.: Ministry of Infrastructure and Regional Development; 5 Regional Development Agencies (RDAs); Regional Development Councils (RDCs), and National Office for Regional and Local Development (NORLD).  


  • Elaboration of the tailor-made capacity building programme according to the country-specific context and authorities-peculiar needs. 
  • Designing training activities and capacity building measures in a realistic way, taking into consideration all relevant factors of timeline and expertise.  
  • Developing a comprehensive capacity building programme able to stimulate the participants awareness of the EU ‘philosophy’, strengthening their skills, increase the knowledge and a high level of understanding of policy, strategic and regulatory frameworks as precondition for the management and implementation of pre-accession instruments and EU funds/policies. 

More details about duties and responsibilities, deliverables, the evaluation criteria, and the application procedure can be found by accessing the Terms of Reference 


  • Develop a results-based work & methodological plan for providing the required consultancy services, including tasks, indicators for measuring progress, and timelines. 
  • Conduct a capacity assessment of institutions mentioned above (Target group), analysing their current needs, strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement in terms of administrative capacity, mainly regarding the EU policy and funds. Propose the final target group.  
  • Based on the conducted review to develop a capacity building programme with a defined curriculum (incl. thematic modules), learning modes (certain forms of training) and specific terms, incl. recommendations on relevant expertise / case studies / EU tools, etc. applicable for the country-specific context (approx. 2-3 example-countries close to Moldova peculiarities). 
  • Develop an implementation roadmap for mid-term (approx. 3-4 years). 
  • Formulate recommendations on related elements of the regional development policy and processes of the Republic of Moldova in the context of the EU pre-accession phase or other relevant aspects. 


  • The process of programme elaboration will be carried out considering certain proposals and recommendations in coordination with the organizational team (SFPL in MD and its validation by MIRD). 
  • Each deliverable should be agreed with SFPL in MD and approved by MIRD, at least via email. 
  • Regular communication and reporting to SFPL in MD on the tasks progress (monthly). 
  • Provide a final report on activities conducted, achievements, lessons learned and recommendations. 
  • Estimation of possible risks in the process of fulfilling the assumed tasks and announcement to SFPL in MD. 
  • All deliverables should be in English, an advantage will be the Romanian versions of the documents.  

Requirements for applicants: 

  • Legal entity registered in the Republic of Moldova and / or other states /consortium of legal / individuals (it is encouraged that group members to be both specialists from the Republic of Moldova and from other states) or individual (resident or non-resident of the Republic of Moldova). 
  • Experience in providing consultancy services, conducting analyses / studies / evaluations, and developing strategies / programmes in the field of EU regional policy or related fields – at least 3 years. An advantage will be experience in developing capacity building programmes in a similar context of candidate status to EU. 
  • Experience in working with national (Moldova – will be an advantage) and EU institutions/ organisations in the field of regional and local development, structural funds, or related fields. 
  • The provider has a team of consultants with education and/or experience or the individual has education and/or experience in EU project management, regional development policy or other relevant fields.  
  • The provider or members of the expert team have participated, from the last 3 years, in the elaboration of at least two policy/ study/ evaluation documents, etc. for state institutions and/or external development partners.   

The dossier must be sent to the email address: procurements@solidarityfund.md, with the title of the message: Services – Capacity Building Programme – Regional Development, specifying the application format in the content of the message (email): company, expert group, or independent expert. 

Application deadline: August 14, 2023, 11:00 a.m.  

The selected provider will be contacted to negotiate the contract. 

* The applicant has the right to establish independently the confidentiality limits of the provided data and to mention which of the attached documents to the offer are confidential.  

** Personal data will be processed by Solidarity Fund PL in Moldova exclusively for the purpose of carrying out the procurement process, in accordance with the provisions of the legislation in force. Individuals have the right to portability of the provided data and rectification. Personal data will not be transmitted to other third parties without the prior consent of the applicant. If you have any questions about your personal data, you can contact us at info@solidarityfund.md 

*** For the transparency purpose of the procurement process, the results of the auction with information on the selected provider will be published on the Solidarity Fund PL in Moldova website. Participation in the auction by sending documents signifies acceptance of the publication of the results of the contest, except for information marked as confidential.   

**** Until signing the Service providing Agreement, the selected Service Provider shall sign a declaration of conformity.