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Urban Development – Urban Revitalization approach

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Sustainable, integrated, and smart urban development is one of our goals. Although the cities of the Republic of Moldova face a number of economic, social, and environmental problems and challenges, they have the potential to become engines of development of the national economy.

Thus, together with local authorities and communities, in a transparent and participatory way, we are constantly looking for smart and viable solutions that can contribute to the development of urban areas.


Since 2017, in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry (MAIA), with the support of the Ministry of Funds and Regional Policy of the Republic of Poland, Solidarity Fund PL in Moldova supports urban development by implementing the Urban Revitalization approach – a European tool to the improvement of urban areas in critical condition, which need social, architectural, and economic changes. Within the implementation of this approach, we offer support for the following directions of activity:

Initiation and facilitation of the process of elaboration and implementation of Urban Revitalization Programs

Urban Revitalization is based on the continuous cooperation between the public authorities and local communities through the Urban Revitalization Programs (URP). An URP is a strategic document designed to improve the quality of life of a city’s residents and to reduce development disparities between different parts of a city. The URP development process is carried out with the support of the Regional Development Agencies and of community trainers through a series of consultations and discussions that result in concrete steps that are set to improve a certain area. Local public authorities become aware of the existence of socio-cultural problems in the community and set up a Steering Committee and an Advisory Committee to address the issues identified. Together with the inhabitants of a city, the needs, problems, and values of the local communities are deeply analysed. Based on this, a program is developed that includes a common vision and a set of activities/portfolio of revitalization projects.

The actual implementation of the Urban Revitalization Program visibly changes a city to the better. The spaces that the locals previously avoided become safe and attractive. By, for e.g., rehabilitating a park, redesigning recreation spaces for children and adults, rehabilitating preschool institutions, the living conditions, the quality of the environment, and the social climate improve, and the local economy is strengthened. Currently, there are 22 cities that are going through urban revitalization: Balti, Causeni, Cimișlia, Edinet, Ialoveni, Ocnita, Soroca, Ungheni, Ceadir-Lunga, Drochia, Rezina, Singerei, Straseni, Vulcanesti, Comrat, Floresti, Falesti, Nisporeni, Cahul, Hincesti, Stefan Voda, Calarasi.

As an organisation, we contributed to the implementation of the Urban Revitalization Program by co-financing urban revitalization projects in 12 Moldovan cities.

Support in the creation and consolidation of the National Urban Revitalization Network (NURN)

In 2020, 13 cities involved in the Urban Revitalization process took further their intention expressed in 2019 and founded the National Urban Revitalization Network (RNRU) in the Republic of Moldova. RNRU will become a common voice of Moldovan cities to promote sustainable urban development tools, strengthen local capacities, facilitate the exchange experience, provide advice, organisational support, grants, etc. By 2023, the network will have become an independent, functional and sustainable entity.

Cooperation with state institutions

The entire process of Urban Revitalization is initiated by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry. Recently, Urban Revitalization was included as a field of intervention in the part “Urban Development”. Thus, it is envisaged that in 2021-2022 the first pilot projects of urban revitalization financed from the National Fund for Regional Development will be carried out.

We are also collaborating with MAIA to pilot a concept of synergy, for 2021-2022, between our funds and the public funds for the implementation of integrated Urban Revitalization projects. For more details, read our activity reports for 2019.


We work with public institutions and development partners to contribute to the sustainable development of the Moldovan cities. The implementation of national policies is a priority, so we provide support to cities for the operationalisation of the National Programme for the Development of cities as growth poles. We are also working with international partners in Ukraine, Slovakia and Hungary to study and take note of best practices of how local public authorities are helping address the challenges of small and medium-sized enterprises during the COVID-19 pandemic for a more efficient economic recovery.

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Department of Assistance Programs Ministry of Investment and Economic Development of Poland grzegorz.pragert@miir.gov.pl (+48) 22 273 75 62

  • 2021-2022: Fund for Urban Revitalization Zones
    • Co-financing of projects in the Revitalization Zones for the consolidation of local urban communities.
    • Budget: EUR 100 000 (Polish Aid)
  • 2021: Support for the National Urban Revitalization Network
    • Support for the institutional strengthening of the National Urban Revitalization Network
    • Budget: EUR 15 000
  • 2020-2021: Small Grants Fund
    • Support for the implementation of Urban Revitalization Programs by co-financing 8 Urban Revitalization projects
    • Budget: EUR 342 000
  • 2019: Small Grants Fund
    • Support for the implementation of Urban Revitalization Programs by co-financing 8 Urban Revitalization projects
    • Budget: EUR 255 000 (Polish Aid)
  • 2019: Support for the development of Urban Revitalization Programs in 8 cities
    • Budget: EUR 30 000 (Polish Aid)
  • 2018: Small Grants Fund
    • Introduction of the Urban Revitalization approach in the Republic of Moldova by co-financing 6 pilot projects of Urban Revitalization
    • Budget: EUR 200 573 (Polish Aid)
  • 2018: Support for the development of Urban Revitalization Programs in 11 cities
    • Budget: EUR 47 145 (Polish Aid)


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